San Juan

san JuanSan Juan

lies to the north of the island in what is arguably the most spectacular region of Ibiza. Characterised by its dramatic coastline and pine woods that cover the undulating landscape, Largely unspoilt by tourism or major development, this sparsely populated area has managed to retain a rustic Ibizenco charm that is difficult to find elsewhere. In accordance, the holiday resorts here at PortinatxCala San Vincente and Port de San Miguel offer a more tranquil experience, although the hotels offer plenty of family-orientated activities and the setting lends itself to outdoor entertainment.

The mainly-deserted shores of Sant Joan are made up of quaint coves and stunning beaches, which make it a popular location to go diving or snorkelling. Boat hire is also available which is the only way to experience some of the wildest and most remote parts of the coast. For those who left their sea legs behind, the breathtaking cliffs and the hills beyond offer challenging hiking treks and mountain bike trails, with striking scenery and views out to sea that cannot fail to impress.

Even during summer months, the region of Sant Joan is poorly serviced by public transport, consequently it is well worth hiring a car to enable you to explore further afield. Inland from the rugged coastline, crops of fruits and sporadic whitewashed farmhouses dissect the expanses of pine forest, and here you will find charming local traditions still being upheld in the villages. With fine local produce available on the doorstep, some of Ibiza’s most highly thought of and stylish restaurants are located in San Joan

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