Ses Salines

salinasSes Salines

This beach is incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike.  Here you will find crystal clear shallow waters and a white sandy beach. It is a wonderful place to spend the late afternoon as the sunsets from here are quite spectacular. There are some beautifully typical Ibiza houses down past the beach so be sure to take a little walk. The Salt Flats are just minutes away too, in the nature park, now a World Heritage Site. Beach bars and restaurants playing great music are scattered along this sandy beach and they even have table service right to your beach bed so you can feel pampered while you relax.

Beach Statistics
· White sandy beach
· Crystal clear water
· Beach faces South

· Swimming
· Wind Surfing
· Exploring
· Walking

· Sun beds
· Restaurants
· Beach bed table service
· Parking
· Parasols

· Jockey Club Shop

Nearest Town or Village
·San Jordi
·Playa den Bossa

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