Des Codolar

des codolarDes Codolar

This is a small pebbly beach making access to the water quite tricky for some. It is very long and one of the biggest beaches on the island. To the East are the impressive cliffs of Cap d’es Falco as well as the end of the airports’ runway so if you enjoy a bit of plane spotting this is where you want to be. Waving to the incoming planes is part of island tradition.  The west end of the beach has a quaint collection of fishermen’s boathouses which is great place to enjoy the afternoon sun in relative peace.- except for the incoming planes of course. The beach is right at the end of a natural park which is an Ibiza world Heritage Site.

Beach Statistics
· 3000m long
· 30m wide
· Depth 180cm to about 50m from shore
· Pebble beach
· Beach faces west

· Sunbathing
· Swimming
· Snorkelling
· Plane Spotting
· Bird Watching
· Photography
· Exploring

· Restaurants
· Parking
· Mooring
· Private Sunbeds

· The san jordi Saturday Flea Market is on the way.

Nearest Town or Village
· San Jordi
· Ibiza Town

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